”Slobb Jones is a game project (2014) for the third year 3D-animation and visualization students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Our project was to make functional and fun game which uses augmentented reality, to be used on Android tablet computers or smart phones.Slobb Jones is an adventurer in space and your goal is to help him get as many treasures as possible, but the poor fella faces some obstacles and short comings of his own.

Project’s idea was for students to create a game using Unity as its game engine for tablet computer, and learn about game development, group projects and working with a schedule in the process. Idea, concept, development and managing is all done by students, with as little help as possible from teaching staff.”

– Poiminta Blogista


Peliä tuottamassa

Project Lead

Rudolf Valli

Art Director

Maija Paavola


Vinh Truong
Jerker Bäckström

Game & Level Design

Pertti Raami
Matias From
Valtteri Kaakinen

2D / UI Artists

Maija Paavola
Tia Falck
Anmari Sinkman

Character Design

Elsa Kosunen

Animation & Cinematics

Tuuli Lukka
Elsa Kosunen
Jaakko Laine
Simon Geisor

Environment Artists

Ville Vuorinen
Henrik Debner
Jonna Salomaa
Maisa Nuorkivi
Maija Lempiäinen
Ken Vainiomäki

Project Supervisor

Kristian Simolin

Associate Supervisor

Miika Puustinen